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Welcome to the Avalon Soccer Club Coaching Web Site. This area of our website is continual education and development of Avalon Soccer Club Coaches. This site has been specifically developed for your use so please make good use of it.

Please note that  ALL Coaches and Managers will have to complete a Working With Children Check.

Click on the link to the FootballNSW site for more information and to apply for your Working with Children number if you do not yet have one.

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We are a community based, grass-roots volunteer run club. Our coaches and managers volunteer their time and skills to ensure our children have a positive and productive experience playing football. We provide the tools and resources to deliver this and are in the early stages of our journey with regards to coach development and education.

It is important to reinforce that parents should not be paying money to any coach who trains and coaches our AVSC teams. The MWFA have very strict rules, procedures and policies regarding this and as such due process must be followed or risk your team being removed from the competition


Club Coach Co-Ordinator Program

The Club Coach Co-ordinator Program (CCC) is a nationwide program from Football Federation Australia and is designed to support grassroots coaches in their own environment at their club.

Avalon Soccer Club has recently launched the CCC program and aims to support its members by ensuring all coaches are comfortable and confident delivering fun, engaging and age-appropriate training sessions for their team.

The CCC program will help build relationships through the club as we work together for the players by supporting parents and new and inexperienced coaches so that our players and coaches will have a better experience and continue to be involved each year. The CCC’s at Avalon are currently Jud Harrision and John Kowtan who are available for coaching support and guidance.

Training Materials

The links below will allow you to access the age specific training drills and materials as starting point. Here are models and drills for the 4 key parts of the curriculum.


At this age, the best way to learn football is to play football. Coaches for this age group should not think of themselves as coaches but as ‘Fun Facilitators’.
The model sessions in the document below are to give you some ideas of some fun ‘football related’ games that you can play at training.


At this age players are ready for a more structured approach to training. In every session the focus is on one of the core skills, from the beginning until the end of the session (‘theme based sessions’).
There are 12 model sessions in this age group. So, if you train once a week, you only need to repeat each session once for a whole season of Core Skill focused training!

GAME TRAINING (12-15 years)

In the Game Training Phase the ‘theme’ of a session focuses on one of the ‘Main Moments’ and the Team Tasks (as well as the individual player tasks) within that Main Moment.
To arrange the Game Training Phase Model Sessions more practically, the Main Moments have been subdivided trainable themes.

Training Materials: Game Training


In the Performance Phase, the coach is very much focused on getting results. Training, therefore, is centred on fixing specific problems with the team’s tactical performance.
The coach should design their own training sessions based on what they see happening in the game.
At this stage players will also need to work on their fitness. Fitness or conditioning sessions should all take place with the ball.

We encourage all our coaches to check out the FNSW Coaching section of the website for further resources and also the National Curriculum area of the FFA website.