In 2021 Avalon Soccer Club fielded over 90 teams in age groups ranging from Under 6 to Over 45. All of our teams play in games and competitions organised by the Manly Warringah Football Association (MWFA).

Teams from U6-U11 play modified versions of the football known as Small Sided Games (SSG). These games are designed to suit the functional abilities of the players in these age groups and to give each player more touches of the ball. The games are classified as non-competition and results are not published. This is to encourage team official and parent to promote player development, fair play and FUN before winning games.

To learn more about SSG football please click here.

From U12s all teams play competitive games. Results are recorded and the teams are ranked on a competition ladder/table. Unlike most professional sport in Australia the team that finishes the season top of the ladder in MWFA competitions is declared the Competition Winner. The top 4 teams then go on to play in a supplementary knock out competition. This can either take the form of a round robin or semi-final & final.

Team Size

Team size is always a juggle between having enough players to cover injuries and absences and not too many players so to maximise each player’s playing time. The other key factor influencing team size is the number of players registered in each age group. Team/Squad size varies slightly depending on the game format for that age group:

  • U6-7 play two games of 4v4 concurrently so have between 10-12 players per team
  • U8-9 play 7v7 so have between 8-10 players per team
  • U10-11 play 9v9 so have between 10-12 players per team
  • U12-16 play 11v11 so have between 13-16 players per team
  • U18+ play 11v11 so have between 13-30+ players per team/squad(Firsts & Reserves)

Grading and Team Selection

In all sports, at all levels, team selection can be quite a controversial area. At Avalon Soccer Club we understand this and have a series of transparent procedures when selecting teams. Full details of the grading process for 2022 will be announced shortly.