As we look ahead to the start of football in just over a months time, we are finalising our competition (U12+) teams THIS WEEK. All Avalon competition teams must be submitted to the MWFA in the coming days with a minimum of 11 players. Given the upcoming deadline we will shortly be waitlisting/capping certain age groups to ensure we can register viable teams for the 2022 season.

If you are considering playing, returning to football or haven’t got around to registering, please don’t delay! Register TODAY to ensure we can field enough teams in each age group.

Register to play for Avalon Soccer Club HERE.

NOTE: For all competition players (U12+) please upload a NEW PHOTO. This is used for your ID check every game and MUST be update each year.

Full details and FAQs on registration available here.

MWFA Discount

A discount from the MWFA for the curtailed 2021 season has already been applied to the registration fee in Play Football.

The fee reduction differs for each age groups as the figures have been calculated to reflect where the savings have originated from.

This means, for example, the savings in referee fees do not apply to the U6s as they do not have referees and did not pay for them at the start of the year.

The fee reductions per age group (2022 age groups) are as follows:

U6 – U9: $26.50 discount

U10 – U11: $28.50 discount

U12 – U15: $37.50 discount

U16: $40.50 discount

U18: $51.00 discount

U21: $72.00 discount

Men’s PL’s: $90.00 discount

Women’s PLs: $72.00 discount

Men’s AL1’s: $78.00 discount

WAL1’s: $72.00 discount

Men’s AL2 and below: $62.00 discount

Women’s AL2 and below: $62.00 discount

Men’s O35 / O45: $62.00 discount

Women’s O30/ O45: $62.00 discount