When Kim Pepper asked his team mates to sponsor his daughter Hannah for the World’s Greatest Shave, he never imagined he would end up joining her!

So far, BHS Year 11 student Hannah has raised over $2,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation with the help of the Avalon O45-2s. However, the team hope to raise much more now that Kim and Dave Wilkins have decided to get their heads shaved too. Despite much goading from his team mates, Kim was managing to stand firm against getting his head shaved. But then a silly comment about “at least he had hair to shave off” lead to his downfall, as Dave threw down the gauntlet of a challenge that Kim couldn’t resist. 

“I saw he was weakening, and an opportunity to get him across the line” 

So now instead of ‘Pistols at Dawn’ it is ‘Clippers at Dusk’. 

For those that want to sponsor Kim and Dave and help out a very worthwhile cause you can use this link:

If you would like to witness the event, the Great Shave Off is going to take place at the Bowlo at 7pm this Friday 26th March. Watch this space for the after pictures.