Avalon were able to finish the final weekend of action for 2020 on a winning note, as the W18/1s beat Northbridge to claim the MWFA-NSFA Cup.

On a hot afternoon at Cromer Park, Jud Harrison’s side overcame the NSFA champion 2-0 after a disciplined display of pressing, never allowing their opponent the chance to establish themselves in the game. Goals from Molly Bell and Saskia Stylianou secured another trophy for the team to add to their Major Premier title for 2020.

Elsewhere Mens AL1 player/coach Rob Fleming was honoured by the MWFA with the AL1 goalkeeper of the year award. Fleming led the team to a 6th place finish this season, conceding just 16 goals across the year.

Congratulations from everyone at the club to Rob, Jud and the W18/1s.