As we approach the final month of the season, firstly we’d like to thank for your support in keeping football going this year. As you know there are clusters of COVID-19 cases in the Sydney area, so we have to remain vigilant and we MUST FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES

  1. Take all reasonable steps to minimise the number of spectators attending community sport events. Spectators should be restricted to essential people only.
    • For junior games that means, only one parent/guardian should accompany each junior player.
    • For senior games, that means limiting spectators to essential people only. Senior matches should take place with minimal spectators
  2. Players and officials (including spectators) who have attended any of the reported case locations listed on the NSW Health website ( are not permitted to play, train or attend matches for 14 days, and should be encouraged to get tested for COVID-19.

We are particularly concerned about the number of spectators who are attending Men’s SENIOR and U18/1 matches and making no attempt to maintain social distancing (1.5m apart).

If it looks likely that spectators attending these games will put the football matches of all players in jeopardy, the MWFA will SUSPEND THE MEN’S SENIOR and BOYS U18/1 COMPETITIONS which will likely end the season for those teams.

At Careel Bay we have a clearly defined plan for where players and team officials need to be, and where spectators can go.


For the avoidance of doubt NO SPECTATORS ON THE SIDE OF THE FIELD THAT THE TECHNICAL AREA IS ON. Spectators must remain in their designated area on the other side of the field and ensure correct social distancing measures are being taken. NB Council Rangers, local police and club officials will be monitoring this over the weekend and in future weeks. Please follow the rules.

As a club we will also not tolerate bad behaviour from our spectators. When you are at Careel Bay you are representing our club, so please respect the teams, officials and each other.