Following the release of the Football NSW return to football plan and the lifting of the suspension on football activities, we are delighted to confirm our own return to training plan.

Training will recommence at Careel Bay from WEDNESDAY 27th MAY for our teams. Due to the new restrictions in place, training times and field allocations have changed. All team managers have been made aware of the changes and will cascade those down to teams.

The resumption of football is bound these conditions, which align with the NSW government, Football NSW and the MWFA.


  • We are all responsible for preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Any member that has flu or cold like symptoms cannot train and must seek medical advice.
  • All members must follow, abide and respect the new AVSC COVID-19 Training Guidelines.
  • There is a zero tolerance to any players/coaches/managers/teams that don’t follow the training guidelines and do not respect the AVSC return to training plan.
  • Training is “Get in, Get out” quickly and safely. No social activities to occur once training has concluded.
  • Spectators are not permitted. For the very young age groups, one parent/caregiver is permitted to remain at the field for supervision purposes but they are encouraged to wait in car / outside venue to avoid gatherings.
  • Training to commence Wed 27th May (weather permitting), and not before.
  • Teams must follow the new training schedule which has been communicated via the Age co-ordinators. Know your training timeslot and new training field layout. This is a new schedule to ensure we are COVID-19 compliant, and no changes are permitted at this stage of the return to football plan.
  • Maintain attendance records – keep a list, use Team Apps or take a photo to remember who attended training.  There will be a process in place to report this to the club.
  • Participants to prepare and dress for training at home.
  • Training sessions limited to 50 mins max allowing time to pack up and leave before next team arrives. Teams to be punctual and finish on time. Aim to avoid any contact with other training teams sessions before, during or after yours.
  • The new 10 person rule applies for all our training sessions. For example a U6’s team with 12 players is allocated half a full field for training. They need to split the half field into two quarter fields and have no more than 9 players and a coach in one quarter. Ideally the split is 6 players and 1 coach plus 6 players and 1 assistant coach.
  • Only 10 participants at one time including the coach in their allotted area.  Coaches may only coach one squad of 9 at once. They must not work across multiple areas. This is mandatory and will be policed.
  • If you have more players then 9 at training you must have a second coach assisting.
  • Players/Coaches must maintain a 1.5m distance between participants on and off the field.
  • There is no contact-to-contact playing skills allowed such as tackling in small sided games.
  • Coaches to adapt their training sessions to be COVID-19 friendly. We will endeavour to provide specific training plans here whenever possible.
  • No spitting will be tolerated.
  • Provide regular breaks for hydration and hand sanitising.
  • Clubhouse, Change Rooms and Canteen will be closed but toilets will be open for training. Soap and Sanitiser will be available. Please practice sensible hygiene habits.
  • Shower/Wash Hands at home before and after your training.
  • No sharing of Training Bibs, Water Bottles and use minimal Coaching Equipment for less contact transfer.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, no competition matches are permitted to be played (including ‘friendly’ matches as part of a training session).
  • There is no set date yet for the full return of competition matches.
  • We need to be patient and work through the first few steps so there is no second wave of COVID-19.
  • All teams that don’t have a coach or manager yet can’t train until they do. Please work with your age co-ordinator and parents to assign these roles AND ensure that they are WWC and registration compliant.
  • Any questions please contact your Team Managers or Age Coordinators in that order.
  • For additional information please click on the FNSW link here.

It is vital we come together as a club and abide by these rules to allow us to move to phase 2 of the return and eventually resume competition. To reiterate, there is a zero tolerance policy for any deviation from these rules. Help us get the season back on track.

covid poster