One of the most important topics for all of us at AVSC this season is CLUB BEHAVIOUR both on and off the field.  In a brand new initative we are launching our “Team Marshall” program in 2018.

Each AVSC team has received a HI-VIZ TEAM MARSHALL VEST in their Team Kitbag at the Manager’s Meetings. On a rotation basis on game day a parent/member/supporter from each AVSC team will wear a Team Marshall vest.  The ROLE of the person wearing the TEAM MARSHALL VEST should be to make the football environment a friendly, fun experience for all on the sidelines.


If a Avalon person/spectator steps out of line than it’s important to bring them back inline. This is where the Team Marshall can have a quiet word to the individual or individuals and remind them that they are at a community football match. Hopefully, the Hi Viz vest will deter any bad behaviour to escalate. Don’t try to be the police or a security guard just try to resolve the behaviour calmly.

Remember there is a Code of Conduct for Players, Coaches. Managers, Spectators that needs to be adhered to.

This info can be downloaded and distributed as well at Team Meetings. Plus we have a club MPIO (Member Protection Information Officer) in place just in case you need extra advise or support.

There will be zero tolerance for bad club behaviour this season and going forward.

Please remember.  This is a game. It’s to be enjoyed by all.  Let our kids be kids.


Let’s make sure we respect the game, the officials, our opponents and each other, and represent Avalon Soccer Club the right way.